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Our Animals

Jericho our Fat Cat  Our current "FatCat"  is Jericho.  He loves to get attention from any and all students.  When people feel the stress of school, he is the purrfect solution (and a little of the precipitate (science humor)).
We have a charitable fund for the lab animals.  It started as the FatCat Fund in 2000 with the support of the Highline Community College Foundation, and a group of Highline  employees.

Concerned about the care and support of Stubby and Domino (both now deceased) in light of the budget cuts, the group quickly developed a plan to care for the cats and maintain their home on campus.  
Although the cats are no longer with us, we have several other animals in the lab, so have decided to continue the FatCat Fund in memory of the cats.

Donations can be made online via the HCC Foundation. Please contact the Foundation at (206) 870-3774 for further information.
Squawky-Dude is our Sun Conure, the traveling parrot.  He belongs to Donn and Sabine and comes to work at the bio lab every day. He hides in Donn's office but squawks really loud when he's bored (which is 75% of the time). And if you get too close to him, he might bite. (So don't point your finger at him asking "does he bite?" because he might just answer you!!!)
Gumby the rubber boa
Gumby is a rubber boa and native to the northwest. He's a escape artist and has tried to do so several times. Now there is a locking cage to keep him safe.
Sam the turtle
 Look Ma, I'm wet!  Where is my ducky?
Sam, the turtle, is a cool dude. He likes to balance on the rim of his water bowl. He was donated by Teri Trillo from the nursing department.
Shoorik the tortoise
Shoorik (Russian for Alex) the tortoise has been part of the bio lab family longer than Donn!  Nobody really knows how old he is, but he is quite old.
An axolotls
  Another Axolotl
These are our four axolotls--some donated by Richard Overman, a former student What's an axolotl?  This link will tell you all about them.
Kedaka - bearded dragon
  Kedaka taking a tail bath
This is Kedaka, our bearded dragon. He loves to chase the crickets around in his cage, but he eats his veggies, too.

He was donated by a student who could no longer care for him.
Slider - a turtle
This is Slider, donated by Katie Gulliford, a faculty member that has moved on. If you walk past his cage he might even wave at you!
Mali uromastix lizards
  Mali uromastix lizards
Oma and Mr. Smith are two Mali uromastix lizards.  They like their home real hot!

So much for trying to hide...
Malachite, the iguana, is king of the bio lab (or at least he thinks he is).  Watch out if he's bobbing his head at you. That usually means that he's the boss and you better watch out! He has an assertive personality, so he seldom gets a chance to come out of his cage.

common ball python This is Monty the Python (common ball python).  He was donated by a past student who worked for a local hotel.  The snake had been left behind by a hotel guest. He loves them little mousies!

We also have another Ball named Balak, an adoption from the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society, which also happens to meet here in the lab every second Sunday of the month.
Cody a red tail boa

Cody a red tail boa
This is Cody, our red tail boa. She likes to sleep, eat, bathe and hug you really tight if you let her. She eats a cornish game hen every two weeks.
Arian Jaya Carpet Python Lfi (stands for Little Fiesty) is our resident Arian Jaya Carpet Python.  She is a bit more aggresive than our other snakes, but she is a beautiful specimen.