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Biology Laboratory Safety Rules and Recommendations

For all students, faculty and staff using the
Life General Sciences Department (Biology Lab, Building #12)

No food or drink is allowed in any science building.

Children are not allowed in the building.

Open toes shoes are not allowed in lab.

All A&P paraphernalia will remain in the A&P lab (no exceptions).

All broken glassware or sharp metal pieces should be placed in “sharps” boxes.

Chemical wastes should never be placed in a sink drain unless instructed otherwise.

Media with microorganisms (liquid or solid) should be placed in a Biohazard bag.*

All glassware should be rinsed after use and test tubes placed upside down in racks provided.*

Slides and coverslips should be placed in a beaker of water and disinfectant (also provided).

Human blood is not to be extracted or used in Highline laboratories.

Mouth pipetting or drinking of solutions is strictly prohibited.

Know the locations and operation of all safety equipment.
This includes fire extinguishers, eye washes, body showers, first aid kits, and the nearest exit from the room.

All book bags, books, personal items do not go on the lab tables at any time.  All tables will be disinfected before class AND after class.

* These rules will be modified for Microbiology labs.